After missing last weeks xc ski lesson due to the fact that I was having way to much from ice climbing in Alberta, I attended my first XC ski lesson at Stevens Pass Nordic Center offered by the Mountaineers. It has been a very rough winter sport season. After a huge blast of cold and winter weather in early December, there has been harly any snow and lots of warm clear days. I don’t know every trail that I was on since I was with an instructor, but I do know that I was on the Main Line (mostly flat) and Side Trail (more hilly) most of the day. I was in the more advanced group… but most skills we went over I had already figured out from xc skiing in Yellowstone last year. I was introduced to the hockey stop ans stemming turn. It seems I can only execute these techniques when under dire circumstances (like when i am about to hit a tree)!

The trail conditions were decent… concrete as I would expect in the Cascades. There was one trail we took toward the end of the day that had huge melted out sections and was extremely icy, but I do not know the name. Exercise caution when you are not certain of the trail conditions.

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