After having such a great time skiing at Mt. Baker I decided I couldn’t wait very long to do it all again. I had gotten a distant view of the frozen Pan Dome Falls and, with the sudden cold snap, I thought it would be a great time to check out the ice climb.  Jeanelle was game to drive down from Canada to ski and attempt the climb so I shoved my new ice screws into my pack and drove back to Mt Baker Tuesday morning.

After telling me how the border patrol had heavily questioned her regarding who she was meeting in America Jeanelle and I squashed our feet into our constricting ski boots and hit ski lift 7 from the White Salmon Lodge. I had never been Mt Baker Ski Area mid-week and was pleasantly surprised at how empty it was. There were only two rows of cars in the lot all day and we were lucky if we ran into another group on the slopes. The Canyon was closed again due to avalanche danger. The half pipe and runs near Chair 6 were also shut down in preparation of the Banked Slalom occurring this coming weekend. Snow conditions were not as powdery as Friday had been and some spots were icy, but the skiing was still very good. It should be noted that the black diamond runs from the Expert Only Chair had shallow moguls in large stretches. Clouds covered the ski most of the day, but they were mostly and we were treated to glimpses of the mountains and Shuksen appeared late afternoon. Temperatures were extremely cold and we were forced wear more layers than normal along with a full face baklava.

Jeanelle and I stayed in the lodge after the lifts closed well after everyone had gone; savoring the last of civilizations warmth and comfort until we had not chose but to venture back into the chill for the night. We boiled water for dinner over my MSR Universal Stove after some issues getting it ignited (I didn’t pump the fuel tank enough at first) and enjoyed couscous and freeze dried veggies with cans of half frozen tuna. We put the seats down and struggled into our sleeping bags until we resembled caterpillars in our cocoons. We the windows cracks to prevent major frosting we chatted until it was time for sleep.

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