Sunshine was, one again, a thing of the past we we awoke early this morning in my car. Cuddled in our sleeping bags Eric and I watch snowflakes falling lightly from a cloudy, white ski. By the time we finished breakfast and brought the skis out of the cargo box the snow had intensified and fell thickly around us. We took the trail in the corner of the Kahler Glen Sno-Park lot and entered the forest. Some downy woodpeckers hunting for grubs in the pine trees greeting us as we slide across the freshly laid track. We crossed the street and entered Lake Wenatchee State Park and the Southern system of xc track in the park. The trails are interwoven loops so one can choose a short tour or a longer route. The tracks is mostly flate with some gently rolling terrain, so one can get a few nice downhill runs. We followed the outer-most loop first to the Wenatchee River and then to the shoreline of Lake Wenatchee. The winds picked up and the snow was even thicker so we could barely see across the lake. It was still gorgeous though and we glided along the shoreline before once again entering into the forest. We returned to our car via going through the gold course tracks completing 4 miles. We could have lingered… but we had to meet up with the mountaineers in another nearby sno-park: Chiwawa. So we loading the skis into the car and headed to our next tour.

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