After 2.5 week of rain in the lowlands and snow in the mountains, the sun finally manged to take control of the skies for a few days last week. On what would be the final day of sunshine, Friday, Eric and I drove my car packed with xc ski gear over Stevens Pass to Kahler Glen Sno-Park near Lake Wenatchee State Park.

Kahler Glen Sno-Park served as a jumping off point to access the South Lake Wenatchee XC Trails via the track that leads directly from the parking lot and the trail systems directly across the street: Nason Ridge the Kahler Glen Golf Course. Our plan was to complete Nason Ridge Loop… we did not realize the trail was across the street though at first so we ended up on the South Lake Wenatchee for about 15 minutes before realizing our mistake. We crossed the street at about 8:30 where a blue sign pointed the way to Nason Ridge. The the track was freshly set and led through the Golf Course and around expensive homes. Each Junction was labeled with the blue sign for Nason Ridge so it was impossible to get lost. There were several places were we had to remove our skis to cross the street.

Once past the houses we skiied straight along the base of Nason Ridge for about 5.5km gaining some elevation. We took the first right onto the trail leading up the the ridge (1500 ft gain). The track had not been groomed in a few days and we had to break trail through about 4 inches of snow. The going was not too troublesome and the views were spectacular as we climbed. The loops traverses in a circle around the ridge and slowly descends… gliding was possible on the downhill potion, though the going would have been much faster if the track was freshly groomed. Note that there are some walls above the trail that can avalanche and we saw rolling snow balls rolling down some of these walls. I would not travel here on a high avalanche day or without a beacon on a moderate day.

It was beginning to get dim by the time we reached the base of the ridge. Back on the fresh track we skied back through the golf course to the parking lot. We completed 18 miles total for the day and reached the car exactly at sunset. We brought out my MSR stove and boiled water for our freeze dried dinner before turning in for a cozy night in my car.

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