Finally, a weekend without a chance of rain in the forecast. Eric and I met up with Jessica (VW climbing team) and Mike from the climbing gym on Saturday morning to beat the late day heat and climb some boulders In Gold Bar. The adjoining bouldering  areas of Sanctuary, Forest and Clearcut beneath Zeke’s Wall were once roadside. However, the timber company closed the dirt road that leads to the boulders. Thus, getting to the Clearcut, Forest and Sanctuary bouldering areas now required about a three mile walk up the hill from Reiter Road. Many folks head to boulder problems closer to the road, so the area usually has less folks. Plus, the walk allows to a built in warmup.

Our plan was to hit the boulders in Clearcut first since it has the most sun exposure. The walk took no more than an hour. We began on Clef Crack V0… that did not feel like a V0. It is a slanted crack with some jug holds. Figuring out the foot/hands holds is not difficult, but executing is! We climbed Warm Up Slab V0 in The Forest area which borders Clearcut next. This felt like a true V0.

Eric and Jessica next worked on The Razor V2 and Button V3. Mike and I played around on what was supposed to be easy routes nearby: The Catcher V0 and Shortstop V1+. I have unsuccessfully worked on these routes previously and still had no success today. Everyone agreed that the routes were sandbagged though.

We went in search of Que Luna boulder only to pass it twice. We found out from other climbers that the boulder is only accessible in early srping and early autumn when the lush greenery that engulfs it dies back. We ended up back in the shaded Sanctuary working on Chocolate V3, It’s Doo Doo Baby V3 and So it Seams V2. We wanted to do some problems that are toward the back of the Sanctuary, but they were covered in moss. We did not have brushes stiff enough to clean them unfortunately.

We ended the day at Devastation V2 in the forest. A burly roof climb with character. Like all the other problems (exception of Warm Up Slab) I was unable to complete it. But according to Eric my climbing is much smoother and stronger than the last time he saw me boulder outside. I’ll take the compliment… but it doesn’t stop the frustration. Then again, i wouldn’t boulder if I didn’t enjoy being frustrated!


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