Our original plan was to climb ” Prime Rib” a famous 11-14 pitch route on Goat Wall in Mazama. However, after climbing Liberty Bell and South Early Winter Spire  (and waking up at at 3am for two days) we decided to do some more chill climbs. We headed over to Fun Rock Sector (or Mazama Rocks). The parking lot of clearly labeled as the “Climbers Parking Lot” along Lost River Road. Everything else is also fully labeled. Each rock Wall along the very well maintained trail is labeled with a nice sign. It felt kind of wrong to us after climbing in cragging/sport areas that features lots of route finding.

Our objective was to climb at Sun Rock which is up the hill from Fun Rocks and a bit out of the way (though it had a clear trail). There are a nice range of routes here. They are all bolted and on very features, clean rock. Unfortunately, it is called sun rock for a reason. It got very hot very fast on this crag.

I led up Gobbledygook 5.6 first to warm up. It was a good route and should have been easier, but i was mentally spent from alpine climbing. Eric was exhausted period. We decided to just do some top ropes. The top of the routes all have chains at are easily access by walking around the right side of the wall. We did Smoove 5.7and Prometheus The Giggolo 5.8. All the routes required lots of edges and the use of pocket and finger holds. Then we moved to the other side of the wall and climbed Plexus 5.9. This was my favorite route, but also the most scary since the route begins way right of the anchor before traversing over on a large ledge. Thus if you fall before the ledge you will pendulum swing wide.  I’m not sure I would recommend top roping this one.

By then it was noon and the sun was blazing. It was agreat into to climbing at Mazama. But not it was hot and time to head home.

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