Eric and I drove to Canada this weekend for a Self Rescue Course in Squamish, BC. The course is offered by Whistler Guides which is owned by MSA (the company that I took my ice climbing course through). I cannot recommend these companies enough for any and all outdoor sport courses. The Canadian guide certification course is stricter than America’s and course structure is much more efficient. Plus I really like Canadians. We rigged a massive amount of scenarios in our 1 day class. In America the class would have than multiple days.

After the class Eric, Jeanelle, Adam and I wandered into the forest by Stawamus Chief. The Chief as a massive wall known for it pristine multi-pitch climbs. But below the wall and throughout Squamish is some of the best bouldering in North America. We went to an area called Titanic North and warmed up on the areas namesake boulder: Titanic. We began with the V0 “Dumb Slab”. I personally didn’t find it that appealing. It was mostly a staircase slab. The next problem we worked was “Twister” V1. This juggy problem offered some good moves though I didn’t finish it. It should be noted that the chalk was so thick on the jugs here that I was slipping off the holds even after i brushed it.

We moved on along the boulder working out Moana V0, The Telltale Heart and Steppin’ Out V0. We worked for a long time on Big Bottoms V2, but only Eric mastered that one. Finally we moved on to the boulder problem I had heard a whole bunch about and couldn’t wait to do.

Birth Canal is only a V0, but is is hugely entertaining! It begins in the back of a small cave. You climb though this narrow slot between two boulder toward the sliver of daylight on the other end. The hardest part is getting into the slot… from then on you have to wiggle though a diagonal chimney to the opening to daylight. This con be completed on your stomach or back. The descent required you to reverse route. AWESOME!


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