We were due for another scotching dayso Jessica, Mike and I left Snohomish early for a day of bouldering at the Gold Bar Boulders. The three mile dirt track leading the to boulders had yet to be touched by sunshine and we began the three mile journey in delightful shade. The mountains opposite the valley was spectacular on the clear day and ripe blackberries lined the path. In fact, there were many point in the track where blackberries and other shrubbery had branches reaching onto the trail scratching up our arms and making the going a bit adventurous. I suspect that in another week or two the trail will be overgrown to the point where waiting until things die back in the fall would be a  good idea.

We were going to begin climbing The Clearcut area while it was still shaded, but ended up stumbling across an awesome boulder in the Forest area that we couldn’t pass up. We warmed up on “Scotty” V0 which is an awesome and fun climb on cool edges. We then worked on “Beam Me Up” V2 which was another great climb with awesome moves. There is a loose block near the bottom hold though so beware! It doesn’t look like it will come out soon, but in wiggles quite a lot.

After some searching and several wrong turns we arrived at the Doja boulder cluster. We worked on “Bulldozer” V2 with great edges beneath a roof. Then moved on to “Devastation” V2 another roof with technical feet. The topout was so mossy though we decided it was safer to just drop off.

We finished up on a boulder further along the trail. We climbed a crimpy V0 called “Warm-Up Slab” which is great fun despite its ease. Then we worked on a V3 “Rocksteadeasy”. Mike was the most convinced of his inability to finish it… and ended up being the only one to send the problem! It has tiny edges and some mentally dicey moves with feet on tiny holds. The tree beside the problem can get in the way a bit.

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