A week after Eric’s tragedy on September 12… I went back into the mountains with Seth to hike to the summit of Mt Dickerman. Mt Dickerman is a long the Mountain Loop highway. I have had done the trail twice before, but the last time Seth had climbed it there were no views. It was a clear day so we went back up so he could get a chance to witness the wonderful expanse of mountain scenery seen from the summit of Dickerman.

At 8.2 miles and 3950 ft gain… the trial takes a good amount of time. Seth is extremely fast though and since I’ve been doing lots of lef workout I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to keep up. The trail is very defined and not difficult at all. Elevation gain is pretty constant and not terribly steep. First the path switchbacks through the forest for several miles before entering treeline. Then it wanders though alpine meadow that features an abundance red leafed huckleberry and blueberry bushes! We picked some berries on the way up, but planned on making a long stop for some more harvesting on the way back.

The summit was crowded, but since it is rather large there was plenty of space to stop for lunch and enjoy the views that Seth had previously missed. I did not have Eric’s ashes at the time yet, but I remembered how we had climbed the peak right after arriving back from Iceland two summers ago. We had loved the trail.

On the way down we stopped for an hour and picked about 1lb of berries each. One woman thought Seth was a bear!

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