Strangely enough, we were granted another gorgeous and sunny day in the Cascades. Unheard of in November, although the temperature hover around 28 degrees. Doug, Lisa and I took advantage of the lack of ran and went back to the Mountain Loop Highway to climb Mt. Dickerman. This was my fourth time up the mountain, but first time in the snow.

The hike is 3800 feet of gain in 8.5 miles, thus making it a wonderful conditioner. It took us 5 hours round trip including a long stop on the summit. There were very few folks on the trail. The first section through the forest was in good condition with the except of one icy patch which we skirted around. The creek by the first waterfall switchback is cross able over rocks. The next switchback granted wonderful view of the frozen falls, though Ice did not look climbable (maybe later season). Beyond the here where the trail flattens out we encounters rivers of ice. We pout on our microspikes here. It is possible to do without them, but it made the going safer and swifter.

The ice eases to snow on the upper slopes of Dickerman. It is maybe 3 inches deep and well packed down on the trail. The clear day granted us sharp and spectacular views of the Cascade Range with good looks at Glacier Peak and Mt Baker.

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