Its been a rough few weeks  with way to much drama in my hometown. Thus, I decided to take a spontaneous trip to Colorado to visit, Chris, a friend from college who I hadn’t seen in 8 years. It also looked like that if i wanted to actully do some inbound skiing this winter I would have to travel. The WA resorts are barely open (if at all) and the snow pack is low, icy and hard.

Chris and I opted to ski Copper Mountain. This is a mid-range priced resort in CO. If you buy tickets online 24 hours in advance or at King Scoopers it will cost $90. Rentals vary depending on your setup. I ended up getting demo skis because I wanted fat skis that resembled my Line Pandoras back in WA.

A massive snowstorm had passed through Colorado the day before so there was tons of fresh powder to make tracks. Chris and I skis pretty much every lift. The green, blue and diamond trails all seem to be bunched together in their own sections making of constant runs. There is a descend amount of tree skiing which I tried for the first time and great parks for folks like Chris is like doing tricks.

It was great to ski is powder and not Cascade Concrete for a change!

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