Chris took my hiking at Castlewood Canyon State Park. In the summer it is a climbing area with crags and bounders. In the winter it is a snowshoeing/hiking snowy wonderland.

We began on the Inner Canyon trail which descends into the canyon of conglomerate rock. The snow is pretty steep on the descent, but vegetable belays and handrails can be used pretty easily. The trail is flat and passes within the walls of the canyons. I passed what seemed to be a V2 boulder problem and solved it in my head after a few half-assed attempts. Hiking boots and freezing temps weren’t in my favor! We then took the Dam trail which is very brief and leads to the ruins of an old Dam and turned right at the junction onto the Rimrock Trail. This is labeled as difficult on the map, but really its just a few switchbacks out of the canyon at a very low grade. The views from the canyon rim of the valley below were quite lovely. The snow was less packed down here due to less foot-traffic this far out, but still no snowshoes were needed. We climbed back down into the Canyon via the Creek Bottom trail and stayed left at the junctions back to the Dam Trail. then we took the Inner Canyon trail back to the car making a 6 mile lollipop loop.

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