Determined to get out this weekend, Damien and I decided to try for a peakbagging long weekend in the Enchantments. The weather predicted was rainy Saturday, some showers and sun Sunday and sunny Monday. We figured we could hike in the first day, tag a few scramble peaks like Little Annapurna on Sunday and hike out Monday.

The rain on Saturday was as predicted. The Snow Lakes Trail is snow free up until the side trail for Snow Creek Wall (about 3500 ft). There there begins to be icy patches. We put on our snowshoes at about 3700 ft as the small patches began to get bigger. The trail eventually turns to pure snow and without floatation there were be severe post-holing. The conditions were pretty good, though the going with slow in the snow. The sun came out for about 30 minutes too, but the clouds came back in and the rain ensued. We reached Nada Lake around 3:30 which is mostly frozen, but with a few places with running water to filter. We rested here before continuing on.There is a log crossing over a deep creek by the lake. I had to remove my snowshoes to cross

We wanted to make it up to 7100 ft by Inspiration Lake. But the trail was getting thin and the day late. We opted to camp at the far end of the Upper Snow Lake and head further up in the morning.

The dryer day foretasted for Sunday did not occur. Rain was falling hard all morning. We waited things out for a few hours hoping conditions would improve, but they did not. Concerned about avalanche danger and the fact that everything was getting rather damp we opted to head out a day early. Its a good thing we did as the rain just got harder and packs weight about ten pounds more with the water weight that it soaked up! But it was an awesome trip into the mountains regardless!


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