This scramble was done Day 4 as part of PCT Stevens Pass to Snoqualmie Pass backpacking trip.

Damien and I woke up at our camp on Lower Robin Lake at about 4:30am. It was the earliest we rose on all of our days on this backpack (and more normal time to wake up every day in society). We planned to follow what looked like an easy ridge on the far right of the Robin Lakes to the summit of Granite Mountain and then come down the other side and follow the ridge passed the Granite Potholes to the summit of Trico before coming down the other side of the lakes on the same ride thus making a compete loop.

The beam of our headlamps revealed the the heather ridge was marked for us by carins. The normal route to these peaks is usually to follow the ridge up the left side of the lake so it was pleasant surprise to come across these little towers. we followed them easily to a talus slope  as the sky began to lightening revealing rivers of mist in the valleys far below. We easily gained the upper ridge at followed to what we originally thought was Granite Mountain. We noticed the elevation was wrong though and looked at the map again. It turned out to be a sub summit of Granite. We could see the real summit in the distance. We stayed a bit to enjoy a beautiful sunrise of hues of orange and pink. Then we headed down other side of the sub-peak. This ended up being very technical high class 3 or class 4 down-climbing. Luckily it was a short section, but it was enough to get the heart racing! We followed the talus and scree filled ridge to another high point Granite Mountain-South Peak (which Damien called Mount Dandelion). From here we turned right and followed another ridge to the Summit of Granite Peak. The actual top of the peak can be reach with 2 very exposed moves. We opted to touch the top to be safe.

We could see Trico in the distance on the other side of the Granite Potholes. However, there was a sub-peak of Trico that looked for more interesting. We decided to go for the sub-peak instead. We went back to Granite South Peak and picked our way down the other side to the lower ridge above the potholes. From here we walked straight for a bit a well marked trail through the talus until it began to descend away from the ridge. We stayed on the ridge and followed an unmarked route over large boulders to the right down the the sub-peak summit block. From here were traversed left around the peak and dropped out packs. The summit can be reached by climbing up onto the tabletop rocks and then edging right with your feet on a shelf and your arms around the pillar until you can get into the chimney. Scoot up the chimney to the to top (class 3+/4). Damien gets first known ascent props on this peak!

We descended back to the trail on the ridge and followed it back to Robin Lakes completing our loop.

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