This scramble was done Day 2 as part of PCT Stevens Pass to Snoqualmie Pass backpacking trip.

Damien and I woke up in Thunder Lakes camp to more rain, but the mist wasn’t as thick. Across the lake we could make out Thunder Mountain pretty easily. Dressed from head to toe in Goretex we walked around the left side the the lake and scampered over some talus and boulders to the base of the climb on the SE Slope. The general idea is to climb the SE side of the mountain as you see fit. We climbed at first through the heather. At this point Damien opted to get a bit more wet and took off his goretex since, as usual, he was too warm. The heather turned to trees and then finally talus as we neared the sub-summit. The true summit is over the right several more yards along the ridge. The tippy top of the climb in a bit technical (3-4 class 3 moves) which Damien pulled off in trail running shoes even though it was raining. He  said it was a bit sketch.  I opted to touch the summit instead. The entire climb is short (about 500 ft). But from previous climbs in same meadows I know it is truly a gorgeous area and wroth it. The mist cleared a few times and we enjoyed the views before heading back down the way we came. We even had a moment when had the sky had pink mist and the other half blue. I still haven’t come up with an explanation for that.

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