Damien and I went to TX to visit family over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, but we came back in time Sunday to get in a quick day hike up Mt Dickerman. To be precise we got home from the airport at about 1:45am on Sunday and left the house at 7 to go on the hike.

I won’t go into too much detail about the trail as I have several posts on this convenient conditioning hike already. The snow/ice line begins at 3800 ft and snow/ice is continuous after 4000 ft. Crampons were very much needed on the trail. Microspikes will probably work, but you’d have to go very slow. There is a good trench in the snow in the meadows above to the summit so no snowshoes required.

Great summit views all the way to the Olympics. We were surprised it wasn’t busier. The gray jays greeted us during our summit lunch as always. We shared a few crumbs with them before heading back down.


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