After climbing Mt Shasta and visiting the Oregon Caves we opted to close out Memorial Day weekend with a quick morning hike before heading back to WA which ended up being a ten hour drive. We woke up at 3am at camp on Selmac Lake, quickly packed up and headed along the twisty twindy road to Oregon Caves National Monument. Although the big draw to the park is its underground attraction, there was also some hiking to be had in the Siskiyou Mountain above ground. We chose the longest trail, The Mount Elijah trail. It is 8 miles with 2390ft of gain (summit height 6390ft). Pretty much a stroll in the park for alpinist, but still nice way to end the weekend.

We began at 4:45pm on the right branch of the Big Tree Loop just behind the Visitor Center. The trail traverses through the forest with a few switchbacks for 1.7 miles at a gradual grade to the junction with the Elijah Mountain Trail at 5070ft. The trail’s elevation gain through the forest and high meadows continues to be very steady and gradual except for about 200ft of gain just beyond the NM border when the trail enters Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest. Here is is respectably steep. But it evens out again after that. There are several trail junctions. All are well marked except for then the Mt Elijah Trail splits into a loop. There is no sign here. Just a tiny carin. If you look down the trail on left you will see a sign regarding a forest service road ahead. You can climb up the Mt Elijah trail and then descend the mountain to Bigalow Lakes, walk on the said forest service road and get back to this junction. Basically the left turn heads to Bigalow Lakes and then Elijah and it is a longer route to the summit. We went right, not wanting to walk on a road. The trail goes up a forested ridge for what seems like forever until it curves left and breaks above treeline. Now a a high ridge covered with phlox and  small shrubs that trail continues it gradual ascent to the summit. An old sign makes the top.

It was another clear day and we could see all the way to Mt Shasta to the south. The green, forested Siskiyou surrounded us. They are not the craggy peaks of Washington, but they still held their own beauty. We stayed here enjoying the views for about a half hour before heading back down the way we came, but finishing the hike on the other half of the Big Tree Trail. The entire 8 miles taking our time took us exactly 4.75 hours to complete. Great morning walk before a long car ride!

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