The Day we took off from our Triple Parks Trip a huge heavy rain and wind warning was in effect for the entire PNW. Though it wasn’t half as bad a predicted a copious amount of rain did fall during our Redwoods Excursion. Luckily we were in the trees which provided Shelter. The Redwoods National and State Parks Complex is composed of a series of State Parks and Redwoods NP. We went to Prairie Creek State Park which i believe provides the best sampling of everything that is the Redwoods: Tall Trees, the beach and Fern Canyon.

Damien and I completed connected several trails to make2 a loop tour of the the major features of the State Park. We began at the mian trail from the visitor center and followed the signs to the James Irvine Trail which offers a great tour of the Redwoods. This trail leads to Fern Canyon. The trail is almost none existent Basically you walk through the creek that runs through the Canyon. This area of lofty fern canyon walls is where Star Wars with filmed… The third of the original films. I get confused at this point which episode is which. The rain actually made the canyon even more beautiful.

We exited the Canyon to Golden Bluffs Beach… which exceptionally high surf. We followed the road/trail along the beach  for about a mile or 2 to Miners Ridge Trail. Walking out in the open on the road allowed us to fully experience the wrath of the rain so we were happy to be back under the cover of the tall trees. From here we trekked back to the VC completing the 12 mile loop.

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