Last time we went to Yosemite The road to Glacier Point was closed. We came earlier this year so it wqas open and several hours of climbing we decided to visit the South Rim along the Glacier Point Road for a late afternoon hike. The drive is about 45-60 minutes from the valley to the Sentinel and Taft Point Pullout. We Most folks do one of the other of these destinations, but we did a 6 mile loop. We first went right into the trail to the Sentinel which is a typical Yosemite Dome. As you approach the dome it appears unclimbable without technical gear, but the trail curves around to the other side of the summit which is much lower angle. Not much. The elevation gain to the summit was about 450 feet. The summit is at 8035 feet. Lots of foot traffic as expected since it is only 1.1 miles from the parking lots, but a worth-wild destination for the spectacular view of the valley.

Backtracking down the Sentinel we turned left onto the trai heading to Glacier Point and then then left again at the next junction to Taft Point. We followed the Pochoco Trail to Taft Point and the Fissures for about 2.7 miles (following the signs to Taft at the junctions).

The Fissues are just before Taft Point and are large cracks in the Rim Wall, Taft point has a benchmark, but it is more of an overlook than a summit. Again great views of the Valley. On the way back we took the trail to the parking lot at the junction for .5 miles completing the loop. Short by scenic trip and a great break from pulling on rock for a few days.

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