Avy conditions were considerable on all aspects this weekend. We spent Saturday skiing inbound at Baker, but with our AT set ups to get our muscles flexed for the backcountry ski season. Then in the evening we broke out our XC skis and headed down Razorhone Rd from the Salmon Ridge Snopark. Snow was falling pretty heavy and there was a good base of snow already on the track. I don’t  think it has been groomed at all this year. We set up camp for the night in a clearing not too far in. In the morning we continued on the road breaking trail through deep, fresh powder for about 2 miles until some others skiers passed us and broke trail up until the road washout at 3.5 miles. There is a pretty deep water filled trench. Probably passable with some finesse, but the road ended in another .25 mile so I wasn’t worth the risk of going for an icy swim for us!

Lots more people were on the trail on our way back and the snopark parking lot was pretty full. I guess folks wait for the early risers to break the trail!

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